A Time of Separation

Do you feel disconnected these days? This is an overview of what’s happening in the energy world.
-2019 started with a big surge of energy on 1/2
-We are moving into new timelines and higher vibration
-Most people are fighting to stay in the old 3D (third dimension) energy. They will live on that timeline.
-Those of us who choose to move higher will jump on the 5D (fifth dimension, not the R&B group from the 70’s) timeline
-These energies are very different which makes it extremely difficult to relate to people in the opposite timeline
-This is not good or bad, just the evolution of our spiritual-selves
-Do not judge others, be yourself, trust yourself and do what feels best for you.

The Journey to Faith

We all came here to have an emotional experience. This requires positive and negative episodes with many twists and turns. Through it all we are walking a line between fear and faith. We all carry both feelings as human beings. The questions is, where will you live most of your life?

fear vs faith

When things are going well it is easy to have faith. Some people have had easy and flowing lives and always feel faithful. This is the path they choose for this lifetime. It is not better or worse it is simply the life they came to have here. 

Many others have endured hardships and struggles. For those of us who chose this road faith can be more elusive. It can be challenging to have faith when things have not gone as you hoped, regardless of how hard you have tried. These failures create self-doubt which is where fear lives. 

How do you move into faith? Faith like everything else here in the physical world is a feeling. You either have it or you don’t. You can say you have it, but that is not enough. You must really feel it at your core and know you are being guided and protected. 

Fear and faith cannot exist in the same space. Understand that fear is a false projection of an imagined future. If you have always struggled there is no reason to believe you will not struggle in the future. As you continue this projection you recreate the same outcome over and over again. This confirms your fear and holds you in space. 

The key is simple but not easy. You have to let go of your attachment to the outcome and just be. This moves you into free space with no obstacles. You are now allowing the universe to take over. In fear, you will not let this happen because you do not trust the universe and your higher power. This is what we refer to as blind faith

Let go of your attachments and trust the universe even when you do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. Do not act impulsively or out of fear. Remain patient and know that you have given up your desire to control. This will require your patience and courage. You must hold this space long enough for the new vibration to take hold. 

Keep at it…your faith is waiting.

Elon Musk and the Greater Good

I was watching an interview with Elon Musk. He was discussing the issues surrounding his Tesla electric cars, the company and making a difference in the world. The interviewer was focusing on the fact that the company almost went out of business because they were unable to meet the demand necessary to generate the cash needed to stay afloat.

She asked why he pushed so hard and why this was so important to him. Musk’s response was, I’ll paraphrase, the most important thing is moving the electric car into the market as fast as possible because it is better for the environment. He went on to explain how all of the patents Tesla has are available to any other automakers so they could make better cars. 


The obvious question was, aren’t you afraid they will take your information and make a better car than you and put you out of business? Musk replied, if they make a better car than us so be it. That means there are more great electric cars in the market and that is the idea.

There is no fear or worry in Musk. His focus is on creating something for the Greater Good. In this energy Musk knows he will always be taken care of by the universe. This is a great example of doing what is best for all and not worrying. True faith…the opposite of fear. 

11/11/11 Portal Opening…A Big Shift

This is an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11) which is a very powerful master number tied to enlightenment and awakening. This Sunday is 11/11/11 and we will be experiencing a major portal opening of new energy. There have been many shifts and new energies coming in this entire year. Sunday will be the culmination of many of these changes as we are elevated to a higher level of awareness. 

We are finishing old karmic cycles and soul contracts at this time. You may be experiencing breakups, job losses, moving to new location or fractures within your family. These can come by choice or circumstance. All of this disruption is clearing your path for the new energy coming in. It is important to accept these changes even when you are not sure where they are taking you.


This new wave of energy will impact everyone and create even more separation as the darkness attempts to hold on to the old. There will be a lot of fear as old regimes, systems and power centers are shifted. This will happen with people and situations in your life, and on a global scale. Do not judge these events as they are part of the change we are here to experience. 

You may already be feeling these changes within yourself. There is an inner knowing that the old ways of living will no longer serve you. You will attract those who value you and repel those who would cause you harm. Now is the time to love yourself at the highest level and allow your light to shine.  This will scare people who fear your power and the changes that are coming. 

On Sunday, November 11, 2018 this shift will begin at a much higher level. Take it easy that day and focus on the life you are going to create going forward. Your manifesting abilities will be heightened at time. Stay connected to your emotions and allow yourself to feel the energy. Focus on how you want to feel, not on the material world. This is a time to be in pure space. We are creating a new world at a much higher level. For this to happen we must come together and focus on the greater good for all.

We are all here to serve and share our gifts with the world. Now is the time to follow through and create the life you came here to live. Allow yourself to receive and know that you are being guided. 

The only thing that can slow you down is refusing to let go of the old. You have to be in your truth and willing to move away from people and situations that are causing you pain. This may be a romantic relationship, job, friend or family member. Your willingness to let go, without judgment, is the key to you success. 

Have the courage to follow your heart at this very special time. Know that you are loved and protected. 

Big Changes, Big Choices

We are, and have been, experiencing very powerful shifts in energy this entire year. These shifts are pushing people to their inner truth and forcing them to make life-changing decisions. When this occurs you have two choices. 

You can:
A) Continue along your current path, not recommended, but easier for most.
B) Choose a new path even when you are not sure where it will lead you. 

Fork in the road

Fear plays an important role in your decision making process. No one wants to disrupt their lives or cause upset. All change comes with discomfort and usually a level of disruption. You must be willing to deal with these issues to move forward. Be prepared for these bumps in the road. Knowing there will be challenges makes these changes easier to accept. The alternative is continuing along your current path, and you know where that will lead you.

This new energy will continue to push you to be the best version of yourself. The question, are you willing to take the steps necessary to become the best version of yourself? We are designed to avoid pain but it is part of the growth process here in the physical world.

One of the key components to making changes is being in your truth, no matter how painful it may be. You will have to look deep inside yourself and ask the tough questions. 

Sit quietly and ask yourself this question.
Am I happy with…?
Then see how it makes you feel. This will tell you where you are  emotionally and help bring out your inner-truth. Go in with no expectations and do not judge the way you feel. 

I wish you well!

Are you willing to experience short-term pain for long-term gain?



The Big Transition

We have been moving through some very intense energy since September 2016. This is impacting each of us in a different way. One thing is for sure, no one is getting away from this “Big Transition.” Changes are happening to all people at different levels. 


Here is what you may be experiencing in the physical world:
-Tension in long-term relationships (especially family)
-The desire to change where you work or what you do
-Moving to a new location or different space
-The desire to simplify your life
-Wanting to be alone

Here is what you may be feeling physically:
-Body aches
-Sinus issues
*This is your body’s way of processing all this new energy coming in. Be sure to rest and drink lots of water. 

Here is what you may be feeling emotionally:
-Fear of the unknown

The Best Way to Move Forward

There are 3 keys to moving through this new energy. 

1-Acceptance: Do not resist the changes you are experiencing. Be prepared to leave toxic relationships, jobs or the area you live in currently. It is important to be open to change even though you do not understand it.

2-Allowance: Let yourself be guided and resist the desire to control the situation. This will open your energy and help you flow. You are also allowed to be confused and unsure at the moment. There is no need to take action if you are not sure what to do next.

3-Faith: This is an “oldie but goodie.” True faith is knowing that regardless of what is happening in the moment you trust it is for your highest and greatest good. Believe in yourself and universe.

Go with the flow and enjoy the ride.